Q: NaviPac uses only a demo license. How can I activate the licence?

A: One of the following items might be the cause:

  • An EIVA USB dongle with a invalid licence is plugged into the PCs USB port.
    Unplug it.

  • Several -possibly expired- licence files (softdongle.txt) are kept on the PC.
    Search the PC for softdongle.txt file, open in a text editor, eg Notepad and delete expired once.
    If possible have only one licence file in the C:\EIVA folder to keep an overview.

  • You have activated the EIVA software by using the three codes option and the licence is expired.

            Go to the C:\ drive and erase the SYSTEM.PARM file.

Note, that it is hidden file, you want to enable Show hidden files and folders from the Windows Control panel: