Q. How can I visualize the sidescan sonar data from an SBD file?

A. Sidescan sonar data that is stored in an NaviScan SBD file is imported into NaviEdit, but cannot be visualized in NaviEdit.

The NaviEdit report includes more information regarding the sidescan data.

The visualization of sidescan sonar data is done in NaviModel.

  • Import the sidescan data via the NaviEdit node in the NaviModel project tree.


Figure 1 How to import back-scatter data


  • Once imported, go to the DTM's properties view, and set its color mode to Intensity.
    The sidescan sonar data will be draped onto the DTM.

Figure 2 How to display back-scatter intensity


If you don’t want sidescan draped onto the DTM surface, go to the DTM's properties view, and set its surface type to Flat.
The surface type and the sidescan will stay at 0m depth.


Figure 3 Set suface to Flat

Additionally, you can control the Gain by right-clicking on Intensity under Colour Modes

Figure 4 Gain Pannel

Toggle EDL off

Figure 5 Toggle EDL on the View Toolbar

And set the Light Settings to Flat Surface
Figure 6 Light Settings on the View Toolbar