Table of content:

1 Introduction

2 Download NaviEdit

3 Upgrading NaviEdit

4 Simple NaviEdit installation on a local computer 

  4.1 Automatically created ODBC data sources

  4.2 Test the ODBC connection 

5 Install NaviEdit on a computer acting as client 

  5.1 Limitations in the client/server configuration

6 Install NaviEdit on a Windows domain 

  6.1 Use the SQL Server Management Studio 

  6.2 Use a bat file

  6.3 Remote SQL setup firewall settings 

  6.4 Several SQL Servers

7 Appendix 

  7.1 Terminology 

  7.2 Troubleshooting 

  7.3 ODBC connections

    7.3.1 Automatically created ODBC connections 

    7.3.2 Manually configured ODBC connections on a client pc to a remote SQLServer