NaviScan and NaviPac Helmsman's display with Tritech Gemini forward-looking sonar

This is a description on how to interface the Tritech Gemini forward-looking sonar in NaviScan and NaviPac Helmsman.

More information can be found in the NaviPac release notes,,  keyword: wedge

  • Install and configure the Tritech Gemini software, here the simulator is used

            Figure 1 Tritech simulator

NaviScan setup:

  • Install the latest NaviScan software version from the EIVA download site,
  • Open NaviScan Configuration. Add the Gemini instrument in the NaviScan Configuration Tree View.

            Figure 2 Gemini 620/720(s/k/d) driver 


  • Configure the forward-looking sonar by
    - Entering the Sonar ID, here 11
    - Using No Port in the port settings

            Figure 3 NaviPac Configuration setup



            Figure 4 Port settings with No Port

  • Start NaviScan Online

            Figure 5 NaviScan Online running with Tritech Gemini 


3D visualisation in NaviPac Helmsman's display:

  • Install NaviPac
  • Start Helmsman's display from the desktop shortcut 


            Figure 6 NaviPac Helmsman's display with the Connect option

  • Connect to the NaviScan server

            Figure 7 Connect to NaviScan server

  • Right-mouse click on the Online node in the HMD project tree, and select Move to the wedge

            Figure 8 WEDGE-100M

  • Adjust the gain via the gain panel. 

            Figure 9 Gain panel