NaviSuite Kuda is a bundle available in different versions.
Find more details by scrolling down to the Product comparison table on this website:

It is targeted at one person and a small boat, i.e. a full spread of capabilities for typical shallow water surveys (multibeam, LIDAR, SideScan etc).

Main difference from the full NaviSuite Pro:

  1. Single dongle, everything is on one dongle
  2. NaviPac Single User, is a full functionality version of NaviPac except:
    1. There is no remote helmsman capability, everything is on one computer
    2. One subsea object (e.g. ROV or towfish)
  3. NaviScan
  4. NaviEdit
  5. NaviModel Producer with EIVAs EC-3D cleaning tool, or optional S-CAN
  6. NaviPlot
  7. Some of the options such as Barge, Catenary, 3D-Pipe are not available as they are not relevant.

The latest NaviSuite Kuda – 4.4 installer can be found on our EIVA download site .