EIVA software products are compatible with the operating system Windows 10.
We simplified the installation of EIVA software, and use the Windows 10 default settings. In other words, no changes to firewall settings and User account control settings (UAC) are needed anymore.

It is advisable to run the latest Windows Updates.

An exceptional case to the above is when installing NaviPac 3.10.5 (or older versions) on a Windows 10 computer.
Many modules from NaviPac 3.10.5 use the C:\Windows folder to write to. That is not allowed on Windows 10.

To get it done, the modules need to run in elevated mode.

Start NaviPac with the option Run as administrator.

When running NaviPac 3.10.5 on WIN10, you still need to disable the UAC settings.

Here one option to turn the UAC settings off via the Windows Registry Editor:

  • Press Windows + R key combination to open the Registry Editor
  • Type regedit in the Registry Editor field
  • Either click OK, or press Enter to open the Registry Editor

  • Depending on the computer settings you may be prompted by the User Account Control tool for allowance to change settings ­– click Yes to continue
  • Go to: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
  • Select the option EnableLUA in the right-hand panel
  • To turn off the UAC virtualisation, set the Data value to 0

  • Close the Registry Editor
  • After these changes are made, reboot your computer to apply them.