We have been made aware that some anti-virus solutions detect issues during the download and installation of EIVA NaviSuite products. The challenge is that the NaviSuite software uses parts of the Windows operating system, which looks similar to the behavior of virus/malware embedded in the files – that is, use of broadcast service, IP auto-connections, etc.

This happens because the more recently updated anti-virus solutions do not only look at known threats, but also identify what they consider to be a potential problem as they analyse the behavior of the software (in this case NaviSuite).

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that NaviSuite software is wrongly flagged as a threat. We are working on whitelisting the installers. This can, however, be a slow process.

Please do rest assured that the files are harmless and that you can safely by-pass the warnings.

Additional information:

https://eiva.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000549021 NaviPac 4.2.2 installation: Windows Defender Antivirus detects threats.