Q. Why are two MBES  devices (RX and TX) devices shown in the Header Editor?

A. NaviEdit shows two MBE offsets when the receive part (RX) and the transmit part (TX) are two separate units and hence can have individual mountings. 

The screenshot shows an example of a Reson SBD file/telegram that has the information of the receive and transmit parts. NaviScan receives the data as one MBE and NaviEdit splits it into RX and TX.

Figure 1: NaviEdit Header Editor with MBE showing RX and TX.

Additional information:

For the patch test, the heading and roll value go into the receiver (RX) part and the pitch value goes into the transmit part (TX).

If the transmit and receive are one physical unit, heading, roll and pitch should go into both, RX and TX.