Q. Which 3D models does NaviModel 4.4.1 and NaviPac Helmsman's display support?

A. NaviModel supports these 3D model types:

- *.3ds

- *.obj

- *.fbx (Binary)
    From AutoCad version v7.1 and newer. Earlier versions might not loaded properly.Please check the Log Window for more information.

Figure 1: Log Windows with version information.

    Use Autodesk FBX Converter which is a free tool that can convert .fbx file to newer versions if possible.

Known limitations:

-  Number of faces. A 3D model with a great number of faces (triangles) can cause that the graphics card runs out of memory.

- Textures. The standard texture formats, that is png, gif, tif, jpg are supported.

Not supported:

- *.fbx (ASCII)

- *.mat format