Q.  How do I activate a Nardoa licence on multiple computers?

A. In larger companies, one person will organize the licence activation keys. This administrator can activate licence keys for other computers. The administrator will generate  *.licence files and send them to the colleagues to use them on their computer.

As an administrator you received a 9-digit licence key

  • Open the Licence activator from within the EIVA software by browsing to the Help option in the toolbar or from the EIVA download site https://download.eiva.com/#
    Choose on which PC the licence should be activated.

  • Enter the key in the Enter licence key field.
  • After entering the key, it is validated and the EIVA products are shown
  • Select the product eg Acquisition software packages 
  • Click the button Activate to use the licence on this PC

  • Select the product eg Post processing software packages you want to activate on another computer 
  • Click the button Activate on another PC

  • Click the button Activate on another PC 
  • Enter the PC code of the second computer
  • Click Generate licence file. For each software packages a *.licence file is created.

  • The *.licence files have the PC code of the second PC in it and can be loaded via the option Add a licence file.


Summary of Licence Activator options:

  • Enter licence key field
    You received a 9-digit activation key. Enter it here.
  • Licence server
    Allows you to load a server licence.
  • Add a licence file
    You received a *.licence file. Load it here. 
  • See active licences on this computer
    Set active licences and licence history
  • Activate on another PC
    Allows the user to create a file (*.) for a second pc. The pc code from the other pc is required. Click the Activate on another PC option, create the licence file, and send it to the user of the second pc. He/she can use the option Add a licence file in the Licence Activator to activate the EIVA software.
  • Activate button