Q. The EIVA software starts up with the EIVA Licence Activator. How do I apply the licence file that I got from EIVA?

A. The Licence Activator is a new product from EIVA with a new way of activating the licence. 

It is included in all new EIVA software packages (except NaviPac 4.2.3). You can find it in the software's Help option.

You received a softdongle.txt file. You could either:

  • Activate by copying the file to the C:\EIVA folder.
    Now the EIVA software package is activated automatically.

  • Activate via the Licence Activator, use the add a licence file and browse to the softdongle.txt file.
    Now the EIVA software package is activated automatically. Figure 1: EIVA Licence Activator: Add a licence file..

In the future we will deliver a licence key that can be used this way:

You received a 9-digit activation key/licence key

  • Activate via the EIVA Licence Activator.
    Open the Licence activator from within the EIVA software by browsing to the Help option in the toolbar or from the EIVA download site.
    Choose yourself on which PC the licence should be activated.

  • Enter the key in the Enter licence key field.

  Figure 2: EIVA Licence activator: Activate a licence on the local PC.

  • After entering the key, it is validated and the EIVA products are shown, eg the screenshot below shows a valid 3 days NaviEdit Pro licence.
  • Set the tick box to the left of the software package name
  • Click the button Activate to use the licence on this PC

 Figure 3: EIVA Licence activator: Activation key is valid.

  • An activation key can only be activated once and is tied to the PC code.
    The Licence Activator shows the information Already activated if the user enters it a second time or the activation key has been used on another PC.  Figure 4: EIVA Licence activator: Activation key already activated.

  • If you want to activate the licence on another PC, click the button Activate on another PC   Figure 5: EIVA Licence activator: Activate on a second PC.

                     Figure 6: EIVA Licence activator: Generate licence file

        Licence Activator options:

  • Enter licence key field
    You received a 9-digit activation key. Enter it here.
  • Licence server
    Allows you to load la server licence.
  • Add a licence file
    You received a softdongle.txt file. Activate the licence by browsing to the softdongle.txt file
  • See active licences on this computer
    Set active licences and licence history
  • Activate on another PC
    Allows the user to create a file (*.dongle) for a second pc. The pc code from the other pc is required. Click the Activate on another PC option, create the licence file, and send it to the user of the second pc. He/she can use the option Add a licence file in the Licence Activator to activate the EIVA software.
  • Activate button  

EIVA licence activator (ver1.0.0.17)
The Licence activator software can be downloaded from the EIVA download site, https://download.eiva.com/# or opened from the EIVA software toolbar, browse to Help/About and find the Licence Activator.

Note, NaviPac and NaviScan not yet have the Licence Activator included. It will be in the next release.