Q. Is there a way to import a waypoint file (.csv) with geographic coordinates into Helmsman Display 4?

A. Yes, here an example of a .csv file containing geographic coordinates:

<Easting><Northing><Depth><Waypoint name>

12.12345678,8.12345678,-19.289,Waypoint 1

13.12345678,9.12345678,-19.289,Waypoint 2

14.12345678,10.12345678,-19.289,Waypoint 3    

  • Check first in the Helmsman's Display menu bar Settings / Project Settings / Units tab that the format is set properly, e.g. Decimal degrees and number of Decimals.Figure 1: Project Settings
  • Drag&drop the csv file into the NaviPac Helmsman 3D Map view. Now the Ascii Import view opens.
  • In the Ascii Import view, select Waypoints template in left side
  • In the template on the right side, go to the Geodesy / Lat/Lon and set to True.
    Also set the proper column for Easting, Northing (Required) and/or Name, Depth (Optional)
  • Press the Import button

            Figure 2: ASCII Import view

  • You can see the imported waypoints.

            Figure 3: Helmsman's Display with waypoints

Note, to show the Lat / Long in the 3D Map view, go to the Project tree / Views / Map View. In its Properties view, set the Show Geodesy item to True.