The EIVA NaviSuite Mobula Pro software package is a bundle of three software packages:

  • Mobula for visualisation
  • NaviPac for positioning
  • NaviScan for interfacing of multi-beam sensors and data logging


At initial installation the full version (incl. Mobula, NaviPac and NaviScan installers) needs to be installed.

File size: 1.458,667 GB.

Default installation folder: C:\EIVA\Mobula

Folder structure: 

Figure 1 Mobula folder structure at initial installation.



After the initial installation, it is possible to update individual packages, eg NaviPac or NaviScan (via the EIVA Download site). 

Install these updates on top of the existing Mobula installation, into the Mobula\ folder, eg NaviPac to the C:\EIVA\Mobula\NaviPac folder.

Figure 2: Mobula: Default folder path