Q. How can I add an IP Camera in Helmsman's Display?

A. Here a description on how to add an IP camera in NaviPac Helmsman's Display.

  • Right-click on Project, then click Enable Camera Manager

  • An IPCameras node is now displayed in the Project tree

  • Right-clicking on IPCameras node and use the option Add Camera...

  • A New Camera window opens

Channel Number - input a channel number

Physical Location - where the camera is located

Network Address - the broadcasting address of the camera (i.e rtsp, http, etc)

More on IPCameras:

For recording go to the IPCameras node / Properties view and change the Stream Record length, this is the time of a recording before starting a new recording automatically. It should not be 0.


Performance improvements:

To improve performance, change network Cache to around 200 and fine tune to the best performance by trial.

Camera toolbar:

Please note that there is also a Camera toolbar, that might be useful to you.

It provides the option to manually start and stop recording.

The recording is also attached to the starting surveying and stopping surveying of runlines.

Camera Window:

Note, that also one or more Camera windows can be added.

Additional info:

This website Camera Connection Database, has a list of all ip cameras and a method of figuring out how to get the rtsp url of the camera.