NaviPac 4 allows the user to let a office computer (acting as client, NaviPac Helmsman's display) connect to an offshore computer on the vessel (acting as server or host computer, NaviPac Navigation).  

The following steps are needed.
Please follow the set up steps on the computer acting as a server and the computer acting as a client.

In the following screenshots these example IP addresses are used:

- The local ip address of the server is

- The public ip address or internet connection of the server is You can get the public IP address eg via

Server computer set up:

  • Open the WINDOWS Control Panel / Network and Sharing Center / Change adapter settings
  • Open Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), open the Properties
  • Set a static IP address
  • Set the Subnet mask, gateway and DNS according to your network setup:

  • Open Internet browser and type the address to your router, commonly is the same as the gateway IP address, eg
  • Create two forward rules:
    • Forward port 4884 (for internal port number and external port number)
    • Forward port 31231 (for internal port number and external port number)
  • Start NaviPac in Navigation mode.

Client computer set up:

  • Open Helmsman's Display 4 eg from the desktop shortcut
  • Go to the menu bar and press the Connect button

  • In the Connect windows, press External servers... button.
    This opens a text file where the server details are added.

  • Add the server IP address, port number and a description to the list.
  • Save it.

  • Now the IP address is listed in the Connect window, click on it and then press Connect

  • In the NaviPac Helmsmand's Display Project Tree,the connection is shown.