Q. What is included in the NaviPac single user licence?

A. From NaviPac 3.10 and onwards we have introduced a single user NaviPac.
 It is designed to suite the needs on a small vessel operation on shallow water with the philosophy on One man, one boat. The software is a part of the NaviSuite Kuda solution and will for online include NaviPac and NaviScan.
 The single user is slightly limited in features compared to the NaviPac Pro edition:

  • No remotes allowed
    There is no support for remote Helmsman’s Displays – only by using the local computer
  • One dynamic object
    The system allows the use of a single towed vehicle or small ROV positioned via USBL, cable counter or similar
  • No Rig move
    The system cannot be combined with the NaviSuite Beka (NaviPac barge and catenary options) for RIG Moves
  • No DVL allowed
  • Only one special input (time sync)

A single user dongle can be recognised by the keyword in the Help, About. When using an EIVA USB wibukey, the special flag 4 in the dongle listing.