Q: Is it possible to use the 9-digit licence key for older EIVA software versions?

A: Yes, in this scenario you create your own softdongle.txt file.

Your EIVA software starts with the message Missing Dongle!:

  • Press the Licence Info button to open the Eiva Dongle Info window
  • Copy the PC Code

    Note, there could be two different PC codes on the computer, one in the Licence Activator and one in the NaviModel EIVA Dongle Info.
    To activate NaviModel ignore the PC Code from the Licence Activator and use the PC code from NaviModel EIVA Dongle Info.

  • Browse to https://download.eiva.com/ and open the Licence activator
  • Enter the 9-digit licence key
  • Set the tickmark in the tick box before the software package, here NaviModel Analyser
  • Use the option Activate on another PC

  • Press the option Generate licence file

Note: Use the PC code from the Eiva Dongle Info window, and not the one from the Licence activator. The PC codes will differ for very old EIVA software.

  • Save as softdongle.txt to the C:/EIVA folder

  • Start the software here the NaviModel Analyser and licence is activated.