Q: I am surveying in an area without good internet. How can I take offline maps on my Helmsman's Display computer?

A: The background maps use Map Tiles, that are provided by a public Tile Server on the internet.
On a computer with a good internet connection, the Map Tiles are downloaded in real-time per region and zoom level that the user is using.
Eg when the user has a Helmsmans Display open, adds a background map and zooms in, the related Map Tiles are cached on the local computer.

These cached Map Tiles can be shared with a computer with insufficient internet connection via copy/paste.

How to download Map Tiles of a specific area for usage on another pc without good internet connection:


On a computer with Internet Connection (Office):


  • Open eg NaviPac Helmsman's Display
  • Select the background map you would like to use (in this case Bing):



  • Zoom into the working area, zoom in as much as possible to get the highest details.
    The tiles are cached to your computer to this location, eg C:\ProgramData\EIVA\...software package name...\TileCache\F298E61C.



  • Copy the folder, eg F298E61C:



  • Optionally take a copy of the relevant Map Server, the name of which is displayed here:



  • The Map Server file lives here: C:\ProgramData\EIVA\...software name...\MapServers



On the computer with bad Internet Connection (Vessel):


  • Copy the F298E61C folder into the Tile Cache folder, eg C:\ProgramData\EIVA\...Software name...\TileCache, e.g;



  • Optional copy the Map Server text file into C:\ProgramData\EIVA\....software name...\MapServers, e.g.



  • When you open Helmsman's Display, the Bing Map will now appear: