Q: I am surveying in an area without good internet. How can I take offline maps on my Helmsman's Display computer?

A: EIVA background maps first looks for the map tiles in the windows explorer folder (cache).
If the map tiles are not in windows explorer folder, then EIVA will download the required files from the internet server.
So background maps do not necessarily need an internet connection, if all the map tiles the Map View requests are already saved to the cached folder.

Here is the procedure for getting the map tiles, and saving them to an computer without internet connection.


Internet Connection (Office):


When you have internet connection, open NaviPac Helmsman's Display and select the map you would like to use (in this case Bing):



Zoom into the area of interest and make sure you can see everything at the resolution you need. This will build the tiles (tile cache) that are later used when the computer has no internet connection.


The Tile cache name can be found here, in this case F298E61C:



Depending on which software you are using, browse to this folder:


- NaviModel:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\NaviModel Producer\TileCache

- Helmsman's Display:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\Helmsman\TileCache


Take a copy of the relevant folder, eg F298E61C:



Also take a copy of the relevant Map Server, the name of which is displayed here:



The Map Server file lives here:


    - NaviModel:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\NaviModel Producer\MapServers

    - Helmsman:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\Helmsman\MapServers


In windows explorer the file is called Bing Satellite.ms.txt



No Internet Connection (Vessel):


On the computer that has no internet connection (eg on a vessel), copy the F298E61C folder into the Tile Cache folder.

Depending on which software package use:


    - NaviModel:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\NaviModel Producer\TileCache

    - Helmsman:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\Helmsman\TileCache


Should look like this:



Copy the Map Server text file into:


NaviModel:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\NaviModel Producer\MapServers

Helmsman:  C:\ProgramData\EIVA\Helmsman\MapServers


Should look like this:



When you open Helmsman's Display, the Bing Map will now appear: