In NaviPac 3.10 the PC code could include a negative sign which provoked recurring questions.
This has been removed for newer software packages.

Due to this change you can have two different PC codes on the PC.

If you want to activate NaviPac 3.10, ignore the PC Code from the Licence Activator and use the PC code from NaviPac 3.10.

Example of activating NaviPac 3.10:

  • Decide on which PC you want to activate the EIVA licence.

    This could be on your local PC where you are running NaviPac 3.10 or it could be a remote PC.
    In both circumstances you will need the PC code that is shown in NaviPac3.10.

  • Find the PC code in NaviPac3.10 and write it down.
    Note, a negative sign is part of the PC code.

  • Start the Licence Activator and enter the licence activation key. 
    You can find the Licence Activator also on the EIVA download site (

  • Set a tick mark into the product that you want to activate, in the screenshot below it is NaviPac Pro

  • Click Activate on another PC

  • Enter the PC code that you got from NaviPac 3.10 in the Licence Activator.
    Note, a negative sign is part of the PC code. and must be entered too.

  • Use the option Compatible with NaviPac 3.10 or older and set ta check mark into the tick box.

  • Click the button Generate licence file.

  • The option to create and save the softdongle.txt file opens.
    Copy the softdongle.txt to the C:\EIVA folder on the PC on which you want to activate NaviPac 3.10.

  • Start NaviPac 3.10.
    The licence in the softdongle.txt file is used.

Additional information:

Here an example of the softdongle.txt file. It has extra lines and 3.10 related comment in it.

Note, editing the softdongle.txt will corrupt the licence.