Q: The AutoCAD file background file (*.dwg) disappears in the Helmsman's Display. If you zoom out and back in it re appears.

How can this be fixed?


A: This issue has been fixed. Please see the three option listed here: 

Option 1:

- Open the AutoCAD background file in AutoCAD and save it to the AC 2000 format.

- Then change the file extension to .dwgo/.dxfo.

Option 2:

- Install the NaviPac 3.10.5 service pack NaviPac_3-10-5_Bin_Programs_HF6_RC4.rar. Please send an email to Support@eiva.com to get the service pack.


Option 3:

This issue has been improved in the latest NP 4.2.4 where HMD 4 has a better AutoCAD rendering.