Q: Does NaviPac 4 support C-Map background charts? How can I use C-Map on a Windows10 pc?

A. C-Map is confirmed possible with NP 4.2.3 on Windows10, using an older dongle type (Jeppesen Client) and accompanying licence. However, this applies for a PURCHASE licence only, the SUBSCRIPTION based licence does not work anymore. It has worked until February 2020.

This applies to HMD classic and not HMD 4.


As we experience problems with C-Map running in other combinations, eg NP 3.10.5 on XP Pro, then we cannot guarantee, that eg NP 3.10.5 with C-Map works on Windows 10.

The Windows 10 default safety settings do not allow the Jeppesen software to install the C-map dongle.

Disable UAC settings and allow firewall settings.
Afterwards install NaviPac with the Jeppesen C-Map Add-ons.

After the installation follow these steps: 

  1. Take a copy of C:\EIVA\Navipac\CMapRTE_EIVAMODIFIED.msi
  2. Go to Windows Control panel and delete the C-map installation
  3. Open a DOS prompt in administrator mode
  4. Choose the library c:\EIVA\NaviPac and copy the backup of CMapRTE_EIVAMODIFIED.msi back
  5. Run now the installer CMapRTE_EIVAMODIFIED.msi  from the DOS prompt. 
  6. After the installation start via the C:\EIVA\NaviPac\CM93\System\LicenseAdm.exe and verfy that the software has found the dongle:




  1. It is now possible to read in the related database




  1. It is now possible to read the related Licence file




  1. Og C-map kan nu åbnes fra Helmsmans Display.