Q: How can I set up a logging containing the object information I am interested to a specific file?

A: In case the user wants to have a simpler way of doing it and avoid setting up a Custom Logging and running  the Logging Utility (https://eiva.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000525709-navipac-logging-utility), another option is to set NaviPac to log to a specific file.

Logging will initiate each time the user enters NaviPac Online mode.

Please see the following steps:

  • Open NaviPac 
  • Add the instrument User Defined Output - Free ASCII

  • Set it to output to a folder

  • Set the same folder as the Recording Path

  • Click on Format (1)
  • Choose the items eg <LF> (2)
  • Add it to the right side by pressing the upper arrow button (3) 
  • The order of the items shown in the box to the right, is the order it will be saved to the file
  • When you have the order you wish, use the Separate all button (4) to add a separator item between all items.
    Another option is to choose the Item separator (5) and the source for the Output type (6).
    In the screenshot below, the driver is set to record a line every 5 seconds.

  • It is recommended to always have <CR> and <LF> (Carriage Return and Line Feed) at the end of the configuration, otherwise it will create a single line.

As a result you will get this file saved in the specified folder.
The file name starts with the name of the instrument which is useful if you have several at the same location.