After downgrading NaviPac 4.5 to NaviPac 3.10, the EIVA Stat and Report Generator tools are not creating a report anymore. What can I do?


The EIVA Stat and Report Generator tools utilize a third-party software called SAP Crystal Reports software.

When you downgrade from NaviPac 4.5 to NaviPac 3.10, the SAP Crystal Reports software needs to be downgraded from SAP Crystal Reports version 13.0.21 to version 13.0.9.

NaviPac 4.5SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework, version *.msi can be found here:
NaviPac 3.10.5SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework, version the installation of NaviPac3.10, the *.msi can be found here C:\EIVA\NaviPac

To downgrade the SAP Crystal Reports, follow these steps:

  • You have installed NaviPac 3.10
  • Open the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Find SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine and uninstall it.

  • Browse to the folder C:\EIVA\NaviPac
  • Run the CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_9.msi
  • Now test the EIVA Stat and Report Generator, they should create a report now.