Where does the value for SoundVelProfVerification come from? What function is used? 

How can the value be interpreted? 


The SoundVelProVerification is used to measure the SVP profile quality as a variable of time and location.

Based on the assumption that the seafloor is flat (as in Danish waters), the circle of curvature is calculated. 


How to:

  • Enable SVPValidationFromHead in NaviScanOnline/Options/Online.

Figure 1: NaviScan Online / Options / SoundVelProVerification

  • Add a LongProfile in NaviScanOnline and right-mouse click to open the Settings context menu.

            Here you can enable the SoundVelProfValidation.

Figure 2: NaviScan Online / LongProfile

The result is a graph, where negative values are downwards curvature (smiley ◠), positive values are upwards curvature (◡).