Q: How to set up the Imagenex Sonar in NaviScan?

A. Please read first Imagenex documentation: DeltaT Ethernet Setup Guide.pdf

As can be seen from the Imagenex documentation the beam forming program DeltaT.exe is recommended to run on a separate PC.
This is reasonable due to its high processor load, which could have negative influence on the data logging in NaviScan.

This calls for correct time synchronisation between the beam forming PC and the NaviScan PC.
As there are no provision for such synchronisation in DeltaT.exe, it is up to the customer to handle the synchronisation, and it could be done by the PC timeserver sync function:


Figure 1 Date and Time Properties dialog

With a

  • IPAddress_Sonar1=
  • IPAddress_Output1=
  • RemotePort_Output1=4040

If another subnet is wanted for the EIVA PC, this can be achieved by using another net card with an independent IP address towards the NaviScan PC, if this is the case, the IPAddress_Output1= must be set accordingly.

Both connections methods are tested to work at EIVA.

Figure 2 Imagenex DeltaT output to NaviScan Select


Figure 3 Data Output Setup dialog/Port setup


Figure 4 Max number of beams must be set to max wanted, eg 120, 240 or 480

  • Type UDP
  • Select Imagenex port, and let it point at the DeltaT PC output net card IP address, and port 4040.
     The port number can also be changed in the Imagenex RemotePort_Output1=4040

Figure 5 Port settings dialog