Q: How can I setup the BlueView sonar eg the BlueView M900-2250-130-Mk2 (http://www.teledynemarine.com/M900-2250-130-Mk2) in EIVA NaviScan software?

A: The connection of a BlueView sonar to NaviScan requires that the program ProScan™ from BlueView is started and broadcasting the correct messages.

An example of the setup is shown here:

  • Install ProScan™. It can run on the NaviScan computer or a separate computer.

  • Connect the BlueView sonar to the POE J1 SONAR, and PC J2, or via Schilling DTS, to the computer running ProScan™. Computer IP,


  • Start the ProScan™ software
  • Press the Connect button or Ctrl + Shift + N.
  • Select MDF2250-130 or MDF900-130 and connect.
    You will get an error regarding the PanTilt Unit, click OK.
    Now you should have connection between Sonar and ProScan™.


  • Go to the option File > Settings > Network, and set the receiving IP; TCP, for Local, port 7050
  • Open NaviScan, add a new Echosounder instrument > Reson Seabat 7K old > TCP, port 7050


  • In ProScan™, press the Start Output button and start NaviScan Online.




  • When you run ProScan™ and NaviScan on different computers, replace to the IP address of the receiving and broadcasting computer.