Q: How do I activate a EIVA 9-digit licence activation key on a PC that is not connected to the internet?

A: Please follow this procedure valid for all recent EIVA software packages eg NaviPac 4.6, NaviModel 4.6:

  • Get the PC code of the remote/offline computer, eg (it will be needed in the Activate on another PC step

            Figure 1 Where the PC code can be found in the Licence activator

  • Go to a second computer that is connected to the internet (eg office computer) and open the Licence activator. If it is not installed, download it from the EIVA download site https://download.eiva.com/
  • Start it and enter the 9-digit licence activation key

            Figure 2 The 9 digit code is inserted and the licence can be seen and selected

  • Choose the software package by setting the tick mark in the tick box before the software package
  • Use the option Activate on another PC and enter the PC code you copied from the offline PC


            Figure 3 Insert the PC code of the offline PC and Generate the licence

  • Press the option Generate licence file
  • Save it as *.licence file and copy the file to the remote computer into the folder C:\ProgramData\EIVA\Licences 
  • Start the software and check that it is activated