Q: I only have a Kuda Core / Kuda Pro or NaviPac and NaviScan licence. How can I Patch Test my data?

A: In order for the Patch Test tool to work, you need and install NaviEdit, the full installer so that you will get a NaviEdit database. We made it so that you can load a set of freshly recorded SBDs without the need to a specific NaviEdit licence.

For this, you should go into NaviEdit, once it is installed, and load the SBDs you have just surveyed. Here is where you can find the importer:

We have a manual on how to use the Patch Test tool with NaviModel. 


The same feature can be found in Kuda Core or Helmsman's Display under the Tools - Patch Test. Once you have loaded the files in NaviEdit, you can use this feature as described in the manual above.

Once you get to the point where you have your Patch Test values, note them down.

Instead of changing them in NaviEdit (which is a post-processing action that requires you to have a licence) you should change them in your KudaCore or NaviScan Config in the properties of the MBE driver, and therefore new data that you will record from now on will have this patch test angles applied.